Who We Are

Since its inception in 1881 Japan, Kimura Unity Group has been dedicated to providing top-quality services to customers while maintaining top-of-the-line workplaces with first-rate teams of employees. We believe that our company exists for the customers and prospers together alongside our employees.

Placing a high premium on creating customer value and enhancing motivated personnel performance, Kimura Unity Group offers integrated services in four areas throughout the globe—logistics services, total car services, information services, and staffing services.

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Our Services

Based on the expertise gained as a logistics partner with major automobile manufacturers, Kimura offers services customized for the logistics needs of customers, including warehousing, packaging, sequencing, delivery, and steel container production.


KIMURA manages warehousing operations by providing quality and lean logistics services.Learn More »

Steel Containers

Kimura has developed a world-class, customized “concept-design-to-completion” method of operation for our customers.Learn More »


Our expertise in the logistics field makes KIMURA perfectly suited to help you analyze and develop safe, quality, lean operations.Learn More »

Mission Statement

  • Provide products and services of value to our customers on a timely basis and at the best cost to prepare Kimura for evolving into the 21 century
  • Our company exists to serve our customers and to prosper with our employees

Senior Leadership

Yukihiro Koyama

Chairman / CEO

Yoshihito Matsui

President / COO

Sales Team

Michelle Barend

Steel Pallet & Logistics Divisions
Sales & Business Development Manager

Motoharu (Moto) Kimura

Sr. Vice President

Our Customers

Trucks/Trailers Processed Weekly
Square Footage Utilized Within SC Operations
Containers Shipped On An Annual Basis

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