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Robot WelderOur Production process is based on the "Toyota Production System" using a one piece flow concept. Our plant is laid out in a "U" shape to facilitate smooth material flow. The Inventory/ Production Control team ensures that we have the correct material at the correct location to maintain our most efficient production rate.

Bulk Steel (Bar, Tubing and Sheet) is received and checked before it is cut, formed and bent using our NC Saws, Press Brake, Shear and Iron Worker. Using our Mitsubishi Laser cutting system, we produce more complex parts for the manufacturing process. Prior to any parts going to the Weld lines, they are dimensionally inspected by our Material Handlers to ensure that they meet the tolerances required.

PainterAt Kimura, Inc. our "Fanuc" Robotic weld units can be moved across our Weld lines to increase the production rate, especially for long production runs. For smaller production runs, our highly skilled Welding Team Members build the containers and racks on our Manual Weld lines.

On all of the Weld lines, we carry out in-process Inspection at each stage of the build so that any errors or missed welds are fixed before the product moves on to the next stage. At the end of each Weld line, the Line Supervisor carries out a Quality Inspection using a Quality Check Sheet that is signed by that Supervisor. For further information on our Quality System, please use the "Quality" tab at the top of the page.

The Containers then move to our Automated Electrostatic Powder Coating system, where they are washed, Phosphate treated and painted followed by curing at 450°F. After coating, the product then moves into the Assembly area where any Dunnage and bags are attached as per Customer's requirements. They are then given a Final Inspection, again using Quality Check Sheets prior to being stenciled and moved to shipping area.