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Quality Control DocumentsWe are proud of our Quality and the standard of product that we send to our Customers. All of our Team Members are trained to look at their work through "Customer's eyes" and to prevent anything leaving their area that is not to standard. Since we operate a one piece flow system, we are able to correct any errors in the section so that the next process does not have to spend time fixing previous mistakes.

We also carry out in-process inspection using Quality Check Sheets at the end of the Weld lines. Every rack that comes off the Weld lines is inspected by the Line Supervisor to ensure that all dimensions and weld locations are to standard and that the welds are satisfactory. Any unsatisfactory condition is rectified on-line before moving to Powder Coating.

After coating and dunnage assembly, the product is inspected by our Final Inspectors who confirm from their Final Quality Check Sheets that the rack/ container is satisfactory and ready to ship.

This is why we say "KI containers: Reliable, Returnable, Recyclable."

Customer Complaints

What happens if you have a problem with our products?

After initial contact and discussion about the problem, a member of our Management team will, if required, visit your site to discuss the issues face to face and determine what we can do to resolve them to your satisfaction. We have skilled Welders who are part of an Off-site team who can come to your facility to repair or refurbish racks and containers.

Root Cause Analysis - Using the standard "5 Why" process, we investigate the issue and identify the required corrective action and countermeasures.

Countermeasures - if required, these are implemented and monitored using Plan, Do, Check, Act process to confirm the effectiveness of the corrective/ preventative action.

Kaizen, (or Continuous Improvement)

At Kimura, Inc. we operate Kaizen activities throughout our processes, not only when a problem is found. Our Team Members have been trained in the practice of Continuous Improvement and are encouraged to look at the total process they are involve in, not just the specific job they are doing.
When a new Standard Operating Procedure is written, it is reviewed by the Team involved to ensure that the Procedure is accurate and reflects the production process that is in use.

Voice of the Customer / Benchmarking

Our philosophy about continuing to improve our service to our Customers is clear: We ask you what you think of our performance using a "Voice of the Customer" questionnaire. This feedback is critical for us, as it tells us what we do well and what we need to continue to improve.

Benchmarking - We actively encourage our Customers to visit us in South Carolina to see our processes and our Quality system. This welcome is also extended to our fellow Fabricators, who in turn invite us to visit their facilities. Since there only a few Rack and Container manufacturing companies, we believe that sharing our techniques and technology helps us all improve.